Why DTx?

Mental health is one of the biggest global challenges of the future!

Today, 970 million people live with a mental health disorder and while demand is increasing, most people do not have access to effective care.

Globally, the majority of those who need mental health care do not have access to high-quality mental health services. Human resource shortages, stigmatization and a lack of digitalization in psychotherapeutical practice contribute to the current gap in mental healthcare. Direct-to-user digital treatments like SwissDTx™ and Digital therapeutics (DTx) in general can deliver help to a broader population and provide remote health care to more people in need.

Fact is: There can be no sustainable development without taking care of mental health.

Did you know that poor mental health is globally the leading cause of disability of our time?

Mental health problems impact the long-term education opportunities and limit young people’s life opportunities. Reduced professional chances, poor health outcomes, human rights violations and tremendous economic loss are just a few causes which are directly related to untreated mental health disorders. As more people seek treatment for mental health conditions, the demands on psychological practitioners have increased; digital transformation might play an important role to mitigate the problem.

970 million people affected

Globally, 970 million people live with a mental health disorder of some kind. Many struggle to get necessary mental care, with Digital Therapeutics (DTX) providing a cost-effective option to increase access, decrease stigmatisation and thus reach more people.

1-5 children

According to the WHO, 20% of children and adolescents suffer from mental health problems. Early intervention is paramount for a better global health.

800'000 deaths

Poor mental health leads to approx.
800'000 suicides per year,
which is a leading cause of death
in young people according to the WHO.

Icon of a little child with balloon
+ 35% of children in Switzerland affected

Up to 35% of children and adolescents are screened positive for mental health problems in Switzerland.

3.2% impact on the Swiss GDP

Mental health disorders cost the Swiss economy CHF 19 billion, equivalent to 3.2% of GDP per year.

US$ 1 trillion of lost economic productivity
per year

According to the WHO, lost economic productivity as a result of mental disorders costs the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year.

240% increase of cost due to mental health disorders by 2030

World Bank says that direct and indirect costs of mental disorders will increase by 240% reaching US$ 6 trillion in 2030!

SwissDTx™: A software with the potential to disrupt the future of psychological practice.

SwissDTx™ is a unique software concept to conduct psychotherapies in a collaborative, purpose-built digital ecosytsem. Our goal is to contribute to better mental health by creating an engaging state-of-the-art platform for all parties involved in the therapeutic process.

Our SaaS-Solution can also be used for decentralised clinical trials. The generated data provides scientists with valuable insights for further research. Our ultimate vision: We want to provide more people with access to treatment - regardless of their location, language, culture, income or physical condition.

Making therapy digitally available

Delivering blended-therapies through digital devices such as computers and smartphones increases patient access to clinically safe and effective therapies while lowering stigma by offering at-home convenience and privacy.

Better availability, more impact.

Being remotely connected, anytime

The clinicians’ ability to remotely care for patients and even involve their peers, increases the chances of success and the efficiency of therapeutic practice; resulting in a more engaging solution for patients to work on their mental health.

Better involvement, more impact.

Spreading evidence based therapies

Until now, psychotherapists did not have an easy access to scientifically developed digital therapies and scientist where depending on print publishers. With the virtual library, scientists can share their know-how and therapists can apply it quicker.

Better therapies, more impact.

Collecting data for further research

Our digital platform can run trials and creates valuable anonymised insights. This data can be analysed and used for further clinical research - in order to create, optimise and improve therapeutic treatments for future generations.

Better scientific data, more impact.

Use cases

The software SwissDTx™ helps psychologists and patients who want to solve mental health issues by increasing therapeutic availability and by conducting a part of the mental health therapy online.

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SwissDTx™ for Therapists

Collaborate with your patient in an easy-to-use digital ecosystem.

Our collaboration platform unites technology with innovation to improve mental health on a large scale. Improve your psychotherapy with an easy-to-use software.

With SwissDTx™, you create your treatments online and assign them directly to your patients. We are currently developing the project but in a few months, you will be able to plan and execute your therapies, track and monitor progress, keep your patients involved remotely and gain access to a unique library of clinically developed therapies from psychology experts. All in one, unified collaborative software called SwissDTx™.

SwissDTx™ for Patients

Work on your mental health - anytime and anywhere.

With SwissDTx™, you as a patient can respond online to different aspects of treatments and stay involved in the therapy through reminders, push-notification and messaging.

- Age adherent visual design with daytime simulation
- Make use of a set of daily sequenced activities
- Improve exercise routine in-between physical meetings
- Reducing geographical challenge
- Lowering stigma of physical meetings
- Work individually on the issues at home (safe-zone)
- Communicate with their mental health coach within the system
- Track your progress in a visual way

Mood tracking


+ 1.4%
Clinical TRial


+ 1.4%

SwissDTx™ for Reseacrhers

Run your clinical trials directly online

Our full stack software platform includes everything needed to run and manage a clinical trial end-to-end, taking studies into patients homes and community providers.

Conduct your next patient-centric trial with our purpose-built software for decentralized research. Our software allows a best-in-class patient experience and valuable features for scientists.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the urgent need for remote and digital-first approaches in psychotherapeutic practise.
Co-Founder of SwissDTx™