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Discover the power of a digital workspace for therapists.

Manage all your therapies from one platform and track your patients progress and engagement in real-time.

The psychological treatment of mental health problems is beginning to undergo a sea-change driven by the opportunities of digital technology. SwissDTx™ allows for faster, simpler and more effective collaboration with your patients and brings your work as a therapist into one screen. This results in less paper work and more real-time control over your patient's progress in-between the meetings.

Key benefits for therapists using the tool

Empower your patients with personalized care by digitally engaging them remotely - anytime and anywhere.

Create your own therapies

Create step by step questionnaries and define in which interval the questions have to be solved.

Use pre-built therapies

Purchase scientific developed ready-made therapy-modules, VR-Content and complementary exercises and assign them to your patients.

Assign tailor-made exercises

Assign your therapeutical activities, pathways and exercises to your patients directly from the dashboard.

Track & monitor progress

Overview real-time progress and motivate patients through push-notifications and messaging if needed.

Adapt & improve

Adapt the therapy on the fly by assigning other modules or complementary content in between.

Communicate safely

Communicate and collaborate securely with your patients with end-to-end encryption.

Manage your patients data

Have all patient related data in one workspace. Therapies, messages, notes, documents, back-log of events and confidential medical data.

Support your scientific colleagues

Help improving scientific studies by providing data and participating remotely in trials from universities.

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We are currently building the solution and if it all goes well, the first release will be in 2023.

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