Purpose-built software made for decentralized clinical research.

Run your next study and experience greater engagement and real-time monitoring.

The virtual trial approach we are planing to build should reduce patient dropout rates and increase engagement as the patients can participate in the study at the comfort of the home premises. Patients living in far geographic areas and with disabilities to travel to the site can access virtual trials.

This should make trials more accessible and participant-centred, and produce results more applicable to the wider population and should be, thanks to digitalized data-mining, easier to translate into practice.
Clinical TRial


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SwissDTx for Researchers

Run your clinical trials directly online

Our goal is to build SwissDTx for faster, cost effective, and diverse studies. A trial software platform includes everything needed to run and manage a clinical trial end-to-end, taking studies into patients homes.

Conduct your next patient-centric trial with our purpose-built software whic will be built based on a decentralized approach, robust enough for any trial. Our software patient user-interface will allow a best-in-class patient experience; with an age-adherent user interface made for better interaction with each respective user group..

Advantages for clinical research

Digital health technologies provide patients with the autonomy to participate in a trial remotely thereby improving participation and retention.

Easier access for participants

Facilitate your trial with mobile and internet-based health-related research with a digital platform.

Remote monitoring, more convenience

Encourage participants to keep working while they benefit from more personalized care and the ability to contact the therapists with end-to-end encrypted messaging services.

Collect novel data

Collect and analyze your data using digital methods - the most effective and efficient solution for data-analytics.

Trigger & push

Automatically send messages, push messages, and emails to participants when study activities are available. Trigger activities and re-activate participants according to your study design.

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