SwissDTx for Patients

Work on your mental health in-between therapeutic meetings

SwissDTx™ is a therapy app that allows you to work on your mental health at home and keeps you connected with your personal licensed therapist.

There are multiple advantages from using digital tools to improve one's mental well-being. The main benefits include at-home convenience, better availability, lower stigma and high engagement rates.

How the companion app works

A digital therapeutics solution like SwissDTx™ can be used to prevent, manage or treat a number of disorders and diseases by leveraging a variety of digital capabilities. With more people affected by mental health issues, virtual therapy is becoming increasingly instrumental in providing healthcare to patients.

Mood tracking


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SwissDTx™ for Patients

Work on your mental health - anytime and anywhere.

With SwissDTx™ you as a patient can respond online to different aspects of treatments and stay involved in the therapy through reminders, push-notification and messaging.

- Age adherent visual design with daytime simulation
- Make use of a set of daily sequenced activities
- Improve exercise routine in-between physical meetings
- Reducing geographical challenge
- Lowering stigma of physical meetings
- Work individually on the issues at home (safe-zone)
- Communicate with your therapist within the system
- Track your therapeutic progress in a visual way

A lot of people have doubts that software can have such an impact, but it is astonishing to see the results of digital therapeutic interventions...”
Co-Founder of SwissDTx™

Key benefits for patients using the tool

Discover how the companion app can support you in the process of getting better.

Work remotely on your therapy

Work on a set of sequenced activities and answer step-by-step questionnaries wherever you are.

Keep your therapy going

Improve exercise routine outside physical meetings with a convenient app.

Track your progress

Track progress in a visual way and stay motivated with automated reminders.

Reduce geographical challenge

Attend a part of your therapy remotely without having to visit your therapists every week.

Communicate safe & discreet

Communicate securely with your therapist with end-to-end encryption.

Take notes

Set up your own therapeutic diary to see how your mental health evolves over time.

Support science in research

Help improving scientific studies by participating remotely in trials from universities.

Get premium content

Make use of scientific developed therapy-modules such as VR and complementary exercises.

Discover the solution