How it works

SwissDTx is the digital workspace for psychotherapeutic work.

The software solution SwissDTx™ unites digital technology with evidence-based treatments (bCBT). We believe it is time to think about new, scalable solutions to cope with the increasing demand for psychotherapy.

The software for blended psychotherapy SwissDTx™ increases the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic for therapists and their patients in-between the physical meetings. Therapeutic interventions and complementary exercises can easily be created, remotely assigned and the progress can be monitored - all while the patients work on their mental health at home.

Step 1: Add a patient

Create your patient's digital profile, add the diagnosis and your notes.

Create a patient documentation and access all your clinical information in one, easy-to-access place with our cloud-based online platform. Keep your data, observations and reflections organized, take notes about pre-medical history, medication or the physical condition - all in one digital workplace.

Step 2: Select or build therapies and exercises

Select pre-built, science-based activities from the library or build your own therapeutic pathways.

At the click of a button, you can assign clinically developed content to your patient. Whether it’s exercises, homework assignments, assessments or online learning, you can easily create engaging activities for your patients.

Step 3: Assign and send therapies

Assign exercises to your patient and send them fully automated series of tasks.

Once the therapy is assigned, your patient can view a personal to-do list with unfinished activities, receives a notification every time you send out an activity and get automated reminders for overdue activities (in-app or via email

We are also planning to provide an extensive library of science-based activities and pathways that practitioners love using with their clients.

Step 4: On-board your patient

Invite your patient to collaborate in the app - with his own digital device of choice.

Invite your patient to create a profile and collaborate in his own, digital environment. Boost client engagement with automated reminders and daily check-ins. Good to know: The patient's visual interface is designed age-adherent - so that children, teenagers and adults enjoy to log-in and work on their therapeutic asks.

Step 5: Track & monitor progress

Track and manage your patients’ progress on the assigned therapeutic exercises.

Your therapeutic admin-dashboard lets you take control. Monitor and track your patients’ progress and sentiment status, manage his online-therapy and add complementary activities if needed.

You see your patients answers instantly upon completion and get reminders if they get stuck somewhere along the way.

Communicate & motivate

Communicate safely with end-to-end encryption and provide support if needed.

The chat feature allows clients and practitioners to easily communicate in a way that's fully encrypted. You can decide to enable or disable chat for individual clients, send  push-notifications to re-activate and motivate them to keep up the work.

More features to improve therapeutic practise

Age-based interface for better engagement of your patient.

Depending on your patient's age, he will see an interface which is designed according to their age-related cognitive, perceptual and motoric abilities.

Daily mood check-ins to keep track in-between meetings.

The automated, time-based modd checkins alow you to keep track of sentiment and emotional state of your patients. In case a problem occurs, you will be notified that the patient is at risk.

Let your patients choose their preferred language.

The client app will be translated into different languages, so that your patients are able to attend their therapy in their native language.

Get access to evidence-based scientific therapies.

Our goal is to provide you with an extensive library of science-based activities and pathways which are scientificall developed. This includes questionaries, but also VR-Content and videos.

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We are currently building the solution and if it all goes well, the first release will be in 2023.

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