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SwissDTx™ is a purpose-built software for blended psychotherapy and blended care. Our digital collaboration platform connects medical professionals and their patients in the digital age.

SwissDTx™ is a purpose-built digital ecosystem for blended psychotherapy and scientific research. The software allows psychotherapists and other healthcare professionals to collaborate and work with their patients remotely by assigning screeners, exercises psycho-educational content and to monitor the exercise routine and results in-between the meetings with the patient.

Finally! A bespoke workspace for therapists and patients.

With millions of people affected by mental health issues globally and an ever increasing demand for therapeutic support, it is time to find new ways to deliver psychotherapy. SwissDTx™ offers a digital ecosystem which allows to apply Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) digitally through blended, individually assigned online sessions.

Our solution does not replace one-to-one meetings; but it can increase patient-engagement, provide help to more people and improve the practitioners workflow significantly.

Psychotherapists practicing CBT blended treatments

Create therapeutic interventions, add patients and assign your blended mental health treatments remotely. Engage with your patients in interactive, patient-tailored worksheets and monitor progress. All with an easy-to-use, purpose built SaaS-platform SwissDTx™.

Patients working remotely on therapeutic interventions

Use our companion app to work remotely in-between therapy sessions on your worksheets. See how you progress with daily-check-ins and keep directly in touch with your therapists through end-to-end encrypted communication.

Clinical researchers conducting decentralized trials

Run your next clinical trial exclusively online, monitor the participants activity in realtime and analyse your data for further scientific research.

The blockbuster drug of the future is the engaged patient.
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The power of SwissDTx™

The software SwissDTx™ can be used to deliver fully fledged therapeutic interventions as well as low-threshold educative content to patients. The therapist dashboard allows to assign, manage and remotely observe blended treatments by leveraging a variety of digital capabilities.

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